I'm Kristen and I have a deep fascination and connection with the landscapes that surround us. I want to help you show the beauty of the land so we can teach its importance and help preserve and protect it.


hand drawn map

Paradise–Short Film Map

Created by Erik Peterson, an award-winning filmmaker, and sponsored by Patagonia, Paradise is a documentary about the proposal of a gold mine in Emigrant Gulch near Yellowstone National Park and a community’s fight to stop it. I created the illustration of the map showing the impact the proposed mine would have on the land and its relation to Yellowstone National Park.


hand drawn maphand drawn maphand drawn map

Watershed–River Maps

These watershed maps of Alaska, the Colorado River, and the Pacific Northwest were created in collaboration with NOLS Environmental Sustainability and Stewardship department. These maps create a visual resource for instructors teaching their students the importance of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.


hand drawn map

Colorado Plateau– Map

The Colorado Plateau Map was created for NOLS instructors to use while discussing the plateau while on courses. It highlights the many reservations, national parks, and old trail systems to teach the importance of the land.


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